RIBEYE A Series - 5m to 6m ribs

500 07r9572air ribeye logo smThe Ribeye A Series designed with the deep V hull for a smooth comfortable ride, easy to manoeuvre and quick to plane at any speed.  The integral moulded deck with slip resistant finish provides a stable platform for driver and passengers.  A generous fuel capacity of upto 120 litres stored underdeck in stainless steel tanks.  Loads of dry storage under safe and comfortable seating for all. See full specs ......

Your choice of power & seating configaration, please call to discuss what would suit you best.

A fun rib great for a family day out along the coast! Please call or email to check the 2015 prices.

  • A500
  • L.O.A - 5.00m
  • Total boat weight - 822kg
  • Max people - 8
  • Max power - 100hp


  • A550
  • L.O.A. - 5.50m
  • Total boat weight - 864kg
  • Max people - 10
  • Max power - 100hp
  • A600
  • L.O.A 6.00m
  • Total boat weight - 967kg
  • Max people - 12
  • Max Power - 150hp

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