Humber Ribs - Spoilt for choice


Humber Ribs, within their Ranges, offer you customisation of all Ribs, the size, LOA & Beam, the layout, a choice of consoles and seating, of colours and the equipment.

Let us guide you through the Humber Range to find the right Humber Rib with the Engine power you will need to get the best performance.


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But first -  The Questions Mark will ask you -

How would you like to use your Rib?

In what waters, river, canal, estuary &/or sea?

How many people will you wish to take out with you?

What layout would you like? Type of console, jockey or bench seating, the number of seats and their placing in the Rib?  Windscreen, Grab rail,

Tube accessories:  Bow cleats, Rubbing Strake, Grab Handles, Safety lines, Name Badge, Wear Patches, Anti-slip deck matting, Keel-guard, Lifting Points, Towing U Bolts, Lockers A Frame, Navigation lights, plus much more -

What power will you need, so which Yamaha Outboard?  Or you have the option with some of the Humber Ribs of an Inboard Engine?

Perhaps most important, what is your budget?

Humber 63 Pontoon

Humber RIBs are renowned for their unique high performance deep v hull designs which have an enviable reputation for their outstanding sea keeping capabilities, excelling in adverse sea states. 

All Hulls within the Humber range are constructed to Lloyds Standards and rules for G.R.P construction. 

Humber maintain a rigorous and active quality assurance programme to manage production quality and product / unit verification thereby ensuring customer satisfaction, reliability and sea-keeping performance and safety.

The structural integrity and sea-keeping properties of a Humber vessel satisfies all formal U.K. standards for quality and safety 

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 Humber's high-tech tubing is manufactured with state-of-the-art Orca Hypalon Neoprene coated fabric which comes in a wide-range of colours.

Orca Hypalon Neoprene coated fabric provides excellent resistance to ultra violet and its inherent ageing characteristics.

Orca Hypalon Neoprene coated fabric also provides high-strength, resistance to pollution; resistance to abrasion and resistance to the most extreme conditions of weather and rough passage.

Furthermore the nature of Orca Hypalon Neoprene coated fabric allows repairs to be carried out at speed, precision and safe reliability.

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The RIB for UK waters!

Other than the Sea Pro Tender & Coastal Tender, 

Humber Ribs have: 

  • Deep ‘V’ multi chine hull design for quick responsive handling
  • High strength, low weight specification, extra durable hull design – manufactured from top quality Lloyds approved material or equivalent. 
  • Wide Beam – capable of a larger heavier carrying capacity
  • Raised Full Width Floor – for maximum deck area with non-slip GRP textured finish
  • Unsinkable Air Tight Hull Compartment – full draining system
  • Raised Bow Stowage Compartment  – fully drainable c/w removable access hatch
  • Rear Deck Drain Well  – for dry deck and quick effective water bailing
  • High Sheer Bow – offering a smooth dry ride in rough water conditions
  • High Raised reinforced Transom – for minimum water intake
  • 5 Air Chambers
  • CE certification – quality assurance to the European Recreational Craft Directive
  • Superior design 1100 DTX hypalon Inflation collar - manufactured in house.
  • 5 Year fabric warranty –
  • Outer ‘D’ profile protective fendering– 150mm deep moulded rubber
  • Vertical ‘D’ profile strake At bow -  offering additional protection at bow
  • Open Bow Stowage Compartment – fully drainable
  • Boarding life lines – positioned externally on straight of collar
  • Grab handles x 4





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